-----Des idées et des actions pour développer votre communication-----

-----Des idées et des actions pour développer  votre communication-----

The formulas that sell


22 hours in a large Bordeaux restaurant one evening summer. 4 groups waiting, standing at the bar, a table becomes free for dinner.
The waiter asks the first person he addresses:
"You do not want to drink? ..." "No thank you", heart responds in the first group.
The butler language changes with the second group:
"Will you take a drink?" one person responds: "Yes."

Encouraged, he reports to the third group:
"What do you as an appetizer?"

Answer: 2 people choose Champagne.
Finally, with the fourth group, he tries another formula:
"As an aperitif, you will take a cocktail or you prefer something else? "

Reaction: the group of three people, delighted, choose the cocktail.

* Morality *: The butler of a great restaurant
Bordeaux has discovered a summer evening, the language of sale.

* Conclusion *: Some formulas repel the customerand to a refusal. Other formulas, the
Otherwise, the incentive to accept.
Excerpt from "The words that sell more" D. Gilbert, Christophe Compan / EGICO.

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